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Frequently Asked Questions 

Question - How does the initial service work?
Answer - After a survey of your home, the interior will be treated as needed by our certified service technicians to eliminate covered pests living inside your home. You will be asked to leave the home for up to four (4) hours when the interior is serviced. Additionally, the exterior of your home will be treated. Pest harborage will be given special attention and the exterior accessible spider webs up to around 12-16 feet will be swept down and/or treated. The materials used may include baits, monitors, traps and residual materials.

Question - Must we be home when the Service Technician arrives?
Answer - Only for the initial treatment; thereafter, the service requires only the exterior applications.

Question - Will rain affect the Pest Service?
Answer - We will treat your residence with a material which is activated by the rain and carried deep into the soil. It will control and prevent ants, crickets, sowbugs, earwigs and other pests from sneaking into your home.

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